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What is a Candy Chair?

The Candy Chair isn't something that you can eat. The Candy Chair is a small fancy chair which is an object coated with paint to appear candy-like. It isn't meant to be sat on. It's to enhance your overall mood.

My grandparents had a chair just like this! Minus the colorfulness. That's awesome you saved it! - Les Anderson

Doing work like this is ultra important. Color dots celebrate life! I believe the notion of referencing 'candy' in art can also correct addictions we all have. Especially to sugar. Not only can it sway addictions but it can detach us from unhealthy cravings that result in emotionally senseless eating. This type of painting allows the viewer to control their sensational sweet satisfactions! You can purchase it here to save having to eat junk food all your life. Choose the healthy step! purchase chair

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