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Miles Phillips is a painter living and working in Amsterdam. He was born in 1972. His BFA Honors in Painting was received from The University of Victoria. Through oil on canvas,  Miles transports his viewers to another world.

Each of his paintings, while apparently simple at first glance, contains an alternate space as vast as the deep recesses of our sensations of taste and feeling.

Miles employs bright exciting hues to create a soft transcendental glow, inside of which blended mixtures of paint fuse harmoniously around as if they are one and connected to something bigger than life.

The atmosphere is highlighted by the perception of the sublime. With each intimately sized painting, Miles captures the inviting energy and balance of an of a coordinated fusion of natural beauty.

"One of his recent series, Blurred Dots, is the artist's expression of a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic experience in a second sensory or cognitive pathway."   - Art Dealer Kyungwon Kang 
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