Studio Sessions

Studio inside and outside on the street using found objects....and accessing the back garden to create a 2nd paint studio. Planning on building a light box to go with this 'sweet' series. The light box would be illuminated by arranging an assortment of glowing pulsing lights behind a frosted glass pane.

Miles painting in his studio April/24/ 2022
Miles painting a couch on the street March 15/ 2022
Miles painting a mannequin head March 30/ 2022

Will be in an art fair in Amsterdam this August 2022. Showing off some new trends.

"The Pleasure of Chewing-Gum", 4.3 x 5.25 m,  Acrylic on Wall, 2021


“Very happy with

Candy Sweet and 'Various Fuzzy Dots! Happy art works!! Thank you very much!” 


—  Barbara from Amsterdam

Paintings can also construct stories mainly based on how one feels. Emotion, imagination, representation, and ultimately the essence of painting is connected to a system of relaxation, awe, inspiration, rest, and tranquility.      -  Miles Phillips

Last Few Days in the Old Studio

May 31 / 2021

Two and a half years spending time in this particular studio. Was a good block of time for idea building and focus. This new year, has brought more energy and new creations!  

Looking back with fond memories..

The thing I'll miss the most are the long walks in the green woodsy areas along the train tracks.