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Coral Green w Dots

Achieving the desired result of the sublime with pure spray painting. A liquid state yet in the format of paint.

Spray paint techniques are used on this 30 x 40 cm canvas. Inspiration is from not just seeing but the feeling the light through the Mediterranean sea water coming through almost like a prism effect. Using a very simple method of applying paint sprayed onto the canvas until it's just the right amount of color and softness. Some thicker sprinkles of overspray will occur. But that's ok to have an unusual uncontrolled splatter taking place.

The feeling of light through the water coming through almost like a prism effect.

The color aquamarine turquoise in this case has that connection to water and summertime. Rothko but with circles. Available for purchase here __ #painting #artofmiles #oilpainting #retropop #collectart #newart #beachart #rothko

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