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Get Gates, Besos & Musk to Manufacture More IV Units

Everyone’s going to get it. Do herd immunity. Get Gates, Besos and Musk who’s combined wealth is half a trillion to manufacture new IV hospital units, produce more O2 and other medicines. Take off the masks. Those who contract it let their body build an immunity response to it. Those who get really sick will then have access to new available nearby equipment.

The really sick will quickly go to ‘centers of relief’. These centers can be supplied by vacating ie: gymnasiums of schools, stadiums for sports, or spacious buildings close to each town/ city. Train volunteer workers to be brought up to speed with some fundamentals on how to manage the COVID-19. Have doctors and nurses with experience tend to the lifesaving tasks.

Have these ‘centers’ accessible at nearby towns and cities where people can go to get immediately treated. The virus plus more viruses will get into our bodies one way or another either through catching the virus or from taking a vaccine.

After all wouldn’t it be in Gates', Musks and Besos' best interest to go down in history as humanitarians, saving people’s lives from suicide, heart attacks, 200 million deaths from starvation, other medical deaths brought on by COVID-19? They can also mention they saved the world from destruction of businesses and the collapse of the world’s economy while they're at it.

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