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December 16/2022 Launch!

Abstract, Minimal, Purity of color

Color Dot Abstracts. Excited to share with you a color abstract small series collection. The works are comprised with dots to harness the effects of color. How minimal in the visual combinations of color can you get to still say what you want it to say and feel?

The idea behind this art piece would be to define a mood for an elevated experience and establish sensations of taste and feeling.

The other major influence for painting I've come across all these years is traveling. Italy provides tons of energy however India and Egypt are two very powerful countries for stimulating the visual buds.

India in its vastness of colors of market fabrics and wall paint advertisements worn over time. Egypt the wet plaster painting techniques developed thousands of years ago. Examples of plaster paintings are shown in the museum of Cairo. The added feeling of antiquity felt from the wind passing through from the Red sea enriches the quality of paint application. Egypt, India, Italy know the true nature of color brings to the viewer.

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