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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

🇺🇦- No War/ Only Peace!!*🕊🕊

To offer strength and hope for the Ukrainian people so they can keep what is theirs.

Adding a powerful way of showing empowerment and moral through the use of the identity for the Ukrainian people. I'm hoping this type of banner display of circles can help find a way to finish the war.

Great banner of Hope - No War/ Only Peace!! 🕊🙏🕊 Red (blood) pink (peace)

10 Circles Cover a Banner at the Top of a Building

The colors are to signify the Ukrainian flag. This representation of the flag in this manner, it is to offer strength and resilience against any form of war. Yellow and blue are the national colors of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. I've added red and pink. Red for bloodshed; pink for hope. Yellow for its country's grain, blue for the sky & freedom.

Praying for Peace 🙏🕊

The priority of the banner is to offer a sense of oneness with humanity and to build peace.

Dialog with people that can make a difference. Non-profit decision making must be put in place. Solutions to end any forms of conflict must prosper. Oneness, wholeness, acceptance, and giving must be the center point of all humanity. circle paintings


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