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Hilma af Klint vs. Piet Mondrian

Updated: Feb 28

I went to see this fascinating twin viewing of Hilma af Klint and Piet Mondrian at the den Hague Museum a few days ago. (both died in 1944, never met each other)


The works of Klint at this exhibition leave you feeling somewhat bewildered and spellbound from their sheer size.  She painted them with biological / natural relationships in mind generated from her head and palette.  

Not just that but the shapes depicted, elements, icons, cues of a language half understandable that put you in a daze of wonder.

Sure, ok Mondrian, bold black lines separating pure prime colors. As minimal as you can get. With some of her ideas and style crossing over with Mondrian, even Malevich. Why did they want to get down to the bare minimum of 2D and color? What was the purpose in that?

Zoning in and attempting to decipher these symbols she’s created left me feeling lifted with a buzz of energy. Was this her way of accessing my brain and soul with a type of vibration to perceive a higher level of consciousness?

-    Mondrian and Klint both began careers as landscape painters.

-    Both invented their own languages of abstract art rooted in nature.  

-    Paintings of flowers Mondrian continued to create throughout his life.

-    Both sharing an interest in new ideas in science, spirituality, philosophy -> theosophy.

-    Klint showcases large-scale paintings she believed were commissioned by higher powers.

-    Ideas of both artists’ complex work with vibrant signs, shapes and colors.

Emotional, intellectually, psychologically all come together on a picture plane that she organized from deep within her. Theosophy that she was member of as too was Mondrian Kadinsky, Malevich, even C.Jung.


She created a Book of Marine Animals which focuses on the interconnections between different marine species. Klint emphasizes the importance of understanding these relationships to effectively manage and conserve marine ecosystems. 

Sounds bla dee dee bla but really does connect the two realms of practice in people’s heads especially in those times where television hadn’t quite hit the airwaves.

On a side note, ‘The Illuminated Imagination’ - Carl Jung’s illustrations combined the psyche with art.  Very closely related to af Klint’s relationship to discovering paths to theosophy.

The Red Book': A Window Into Jung's Dreams : NPR

Anyway, look up theosophy. It’s an early depiction of bridging science, philosophy & buddism with art.   Couldn’t resist putting in 2 latest paintings I’ve done to showcase against some of the greats.

Pinstripe Dahlias –  2024 – oil on canvas – frame included (44 x 53 cm)

Rose Arrangement – 2024 – oil on canvas – frame included (31 x 57 cm) +sparkles

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