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Jonathan (dad's) Screenplay Moment

Jonathan Phillips, RP Forester, ex-pro rugby player, accomplished artist painter, tennis fanatic, traveler of far and distant lands, the one and only, my dad, has made it past two rounds of competition and is in the quarter-finals. The top 10% of over 8000 entries!

Dad has entered into the PAGE Awards contest contest is one of the industry’s top sources for new screenwriting talent. The contest has helped launch the careers of some of the most talented new screenwriters from all across the country and around the world.

I think my dad is a talented screenwriter. I’m not saying this because I’m his son! His scripts are fresh & exciting. Bringing his experiences infused with eventful situations that turn out with a twist and a bang.

Dad has got a few fun short stories in book formats. Many poems and journals written also from his travels and experience at living. They are available for reading. Some of his stories have been turned into screenplays.

Dad is in the thriller/ horror genre category. If he receives this award, he will be able to build his new career in the film industry.

Maybe his new vocation is a screenplay writer so he can sell his scripts to be made into movies and television shows. All he needs then is to be introduced to a couple Hollywood executives.

On August 15th we will find out if he made it into the Semi finals

We’re routing for him to nab the Grand prize going for $25,000!

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