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Canada will Play the Same Game as China to Use Pandemic as Opportunistic.

China's beating its other sister countries to the big piece of pie. They're using the pandemic to go ahead and amp up the engines of business to lift their economy. Pretty obvious it would happen, yes. Curious how this reporter managed to acknowledge and write up this information, for Maclean's a soft semi -liberal -mainly -conservative magazine, albeit putting Canada in a nice light and just as things are unfolding. It's like Canada's really starting to weaken while things are starting to happen.  (reacting to this story)

Canada is taking the back seat on this one and they're not the forerunner in this disease ridden race. Having no restrictions at Canada's airports of travelers, no real quarantining just asking if travelers feel ok, move along now, you're fine, type of lax system. Canada's feeling like one of the unlucky ones and probably think fake news and propaganda are brilliant ideas all for the sake of GP output. Wang Yi praising Canada's efforts and scientific attitude? Canada loves lapping up compliments while getting its ego rubbed. Though Canada has some sense of priority and sensibility which prevents them from getting their truly fingers dirty. 

Besides, if Xi Jinping and Beijing is going to double their economy from 2010's level to 13 trillion and if the rest of the western world and other countries are on idle and in quarantine mode, who is China going to do business with? Who are they going to sell their junk to when their borders aren't open? Commerce is the exchange of goods and services. How are they intending to attract foreign investment, force dependence and position itself as the global leader when business regulations in trade are set in place? 

I still don't really know how the whole planet within weeks went into lock-down mode. How did it get itself organized so quickly? Who is calling the shots and why is there so much collaboration? Even the borders within the scientific/ medical community have been broken down so they can share information and genome sequences or whatever readily all for the sake of finding a cure. They're doing what's right and decent and actually people are listening to them hopefully without too much fabricated news. 

Also, if this 'rational' level of cooperation is so accepted and unified in every country to find a cure, why can't this type of unification find a medium with other systems of business, info sharing, helping, rules that work, etc. across the entire planet for everything else? And I don't mean having a totalitarian militant state of rule. 

AND, there is a lot of fabricated news even when this whole thing started. People are still getting new information about COVID-19 and making shit up and having fun at home with their videos. Like just yesterday the COVID-19 virus apparently can attack the brain and nervous system. True or made up? People are making their own stuff all the time, everywhere. There are different distances in various countries of how apart you should be from one another. Information is distorted to being with.  Like it or not, Canada is going to play the same game, if they don't already. China's the master, Canada will fall to its knees and bow down to the tiger.

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