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Acrylic on Canvas - 100 cm x 100cm - 2024


Various bright complimentary hues and pinstripe patterns colliding with our equine companions, a contemplation of the deeper meaning persists.


The pinstripe, often relegated to the realm of human fashion and 70’s racecars, takes on a whole new dimension when manifested upon the canvas of a horse's whereabouts.  


One might argue that the preference for "plain" or "mud-colored" horses stems from a desire for simplicity, a yearning to connect with the primal essence of the animal. And yet, is there not also a profound beauty to be found in the unexpected – power and vulnerability.


Inviting for a closer look at diversity, celebrate expressions of life, ordering of chaos on a separate plane of existence.


In the end, is it not our own biases and preconceptions that limit our appreciation of these equine works of art?


By opening ourselves to the unexpected, the unconventional, we can find our hearts stirring and opening in ways we never before imagined.


So let us not be quick to dismiss the "weird colored stripes" that cross our path. Truth that beauty lies not in the eye of the beholder, but in the very fabric of existence itself.

Pinstripe Horse

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