Licorice Type 1


Licorice Root Candy

Miles Phillips - Silver and Rings 80 x 60 cm - spray paint, oil, acrylic on Canvas_back -

Candy blend 1

A transformation has begun. The year of the Tiger has just started.


This is also a time of beginning of 'seeing' and opening to new possibilities and opportunities. Believing and understanding there is an abundance with everything you need. 

Starting the new year off right with Mercury entering the forward-thinking Aquarius, where thoughts and communication will be innovative and future-focused. Expect things to get a little weird as we toe the line between “crazy” and “genius.”

Time to get serious as we focus on our long-term goals and the next stages of our professional lives.


The next two weeks bring confusion and doubt as we question everyone and everything.  Madness as the sun shines its light on the truth. We are able to think clearly and get things done.


My goal is to transform and heal the world. Any help would make this dream come true.

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