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It pays tribute to the great Claude Monet. It gives the freshness and coolness of the water and forests like the paintings of Giverny, Monet’s own secret garden where he spent most of his later times. The colors or greens, purples, yellow and blues combined from the reflections of the willows and tall grass around the ponds.


Original oil painting done with acrylic and spray paint. It's part of the new Circle Series starting up from this year and month of January.

Spray paint, oil, acrylic - 40 x 50cm - 2021

This collection is about Color, circles and layers of shapes and color with bold, beautiful marks.

I really believe the qualities of paint can contribute in altering our sensory perception. Paintings can also construct stories mainly based on how one feels.

Each piece tells a story to the viewer.They work together as a collection or singularly.

A medium size painting, has the feeling of a large contemporary with a creative presence.

Wonderful collection piece.- Oil, spray paint and collage original painting on canvas.

- Comes with ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ signed by Miles Phillips- Signed, titled and dated on the back

- Ready to hang!

Monet Green - Spray paint, oil, acrylic - 40 x 50cm - 2021

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